| Vibing |

When you are short on time, but not good vibes. Let’s have a cocktail, leisurely meal, or relaxed outing filled with laughter and fun.

2 hours | A little chat with a lot more | $1,600
3 hours | A little longer | $2,000
4 hours | Equal parts social and play | $2,800

| Entertainment & Fun |

When you know how to make time for your leisurely pursuits enjoy a tailor-made affair to suit your specific request – A refined outing (philharmonic, theatre night, or concert)? Seeking adventure (boat charter to Catalina for ziplining)? A day doing all your favorite things (use your imagination)? You found your partner in crime.

5 hours | An Event | $3,800
Half-day | A Day to Remember | $4,500
All-day | No stone left unturned | $5,000

VIP Packages

| Exclusively For Returning Patrons |

Enjoy prioritized scheduling, perks, and experiences curated for my returning friends.

One Hour | $1,600

Drive Me to You |

Booking of your choice but in the privacy of your residence. (Requires additional screening and round-trip car service is to be provided.)

3 Hour Cocktail Package | $3,600
(Two cocktail dates per month.)

The Nina | $6,000
(A clock-free, tailor-made overnight date.)

The Weekender | $7,000
A bespoke affair. Whether we enjoy a staycation or take a short journey nearby, there is no limit to the good trouble we will have.

The Business Insider | Work and Recharge.

Want to feel like you just came back from a luxurious holiday rather than a work trip? Invite me to join you on your business trip and it will feel like it’s a couple’s retreat. Rate will be determined by location, itinerary, and duration. Incentivized rates for longer engagements.

(If you have extended travel to Los Angeles and want this package, please book a minimum 3-hour cocktail date along with listing the dates you will be in town on my booking form, and we can discuss.)

Fly Me to You

Not in Los Angeles? No problem!

Minimum times are listed. Additional fees due at booking include, but may not be limited to flights, ground travel, & accommodation.

Domestic West Coast | 4 hours minimum | $3,000
Domestic Central | 5 hours minimum | $4,000
Domestic East Coast | Overnight minimum | $6,000
International | 72 hours minimum | Bespoke

(International rates will be based on location, itinerary, and duration, along with additional screening in the form of providing two references from independent companions.)

An Arrangement

| The Nina Rome Experience |

Our ongoing arrangement allows me the level of stability to work less and devote more of my time into my entrepreneurial projects and you. Whether it’s casual connections or spending a few hours or a few days at a time together, it’s the unhurried pleasures and shared connections that achieve a mutual feeling of being valued and truly accepted without fear of judgment or complicated entanglements which make our arrangement special.

The rate will be based on level of engagement and requires a 4-hour cuisine date to discuss.

Starting at $10,000 per month