Nina Rome’s Terms & Conditions


Best practice is to submit a booking request a minimum of three days before the date you would like to meet.

Hours: 10 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

I cater to out-calls to 4+ star hotels.

I do not accommodate same day requests.

Late Night Dates (starting at 10 pm or after) & Couples Dates: add $1,000.

In-date extensions: $1,000 per hour.


Cancellation fees are as follows:

50% within 14 days.
100% within 7 days.


I’ve had both Covid-19 vaccine doses and two boosters. While I do not require proof of vaccination, I take our health seriously and require you to adhere to good hygiene before and during our time together.


25% for all bookings. 50% plus travel expenses for FMTY. 100% for arrangements on the first of the month. The remainder of the fee is due at the beginning of our date in cash only. The nonrefundable deposit is due within 24 hours of my agreement to meet with you to confirm our time together.

Disability Accommodation

Please note on my booking form if you require accommodation relating to a disability in detail to ensure that I am informed of any specific accommodation you may need is able to be addressed in anticipation of our time together.

Privacy Statement

Discretion, respect, and privacy are core values to my service, and I require those I choose to spend time with possess these same values, therefore, I have a no review policy.


I understand that providing a reference is a requirement for many companions. I will kindly provide a one-time reference on your behalf if we have safely met within the last six months.

Respect Statement

Time lost is not replaceable. So, I will not engage with individuals that have not screened, arranged a date, and submitted their deposit because it takes time away from my valued patrons, my business, and personal life. Acronyms, vulgar, and/or explicit content, one-liners, or e-mails attempting to negotiate my fees will be ignored. I prioritize those who respect and prioritize me.


Screening is non-negotiable and is strictly for my safety. If you do not want to submit to this standard business practice, we are not a good fit. For your convenience I have provided multiple options for you to choose from to verify your identity.

I require the booking form on my reserve page to be completed for new patrons.

I require a two-factor authentication for screening:

1) a clear selfie of you holding your unexpired government issued photo ID or unexpired passport clearly displaying your full name, photo, and DOB; and

2) one verification option in the form of a download or work e-mail.

  • Company bio.
  • A third-party profile, e.g., board member listing and affiliation, guest post, speaker profile, or newsletter/magazine profile, organizational, society or cultural membership.
  • Send a blank work e-mail displaying your signature block sent from your work e-mail with the subject line, “Contact Info” to my e-mail address. You will not receive a response e-mail.